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thanks to my panel. especially to all of you for watching. jeronfnc. thanks to panel. hope to see you right here next week. big stories getting coverage this week -- in cleveland, three young women kidnapped and held captive for more than ten years discovered and freed. the man responsible captured and charged. in phoenix, a 4-month-long murder trial was lurid -- with lurid and graphic details ends. a jury finds jodi arias guilty. hearing from key insiders about the attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, revealing damaging information and raising real questions about the actions of our state department and the obama white house. the just department makes news with a report about gun violence. new jersey's governor had a big secret -- not anymore.
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south carolina's former governor wins big in south carolina. and a certain comedian is not so happy. >> this scares me to my core. >> which stories made our newswatch list? covering the coverage next. on the panel, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. monica crawly, radio talk show host. jim pinkerton, contributing editor, "the american conservative" magazine. and "daily beast" columnist k r kiersten powers. and david grennell, former ambassador to the united nations. i'm jon scott. fox "news watch" is on right now. so fast forward, mr. hicks, to the sunday talk shows and ambassador susan rice. she blamed this attack on a video. in fact, she did it five different times. what was your reaction to that?
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>> i was stunned. my jaw dropped. and i was embarrassed. >> members of congress hearing testimony from witnesses who had firsthand knowledge of the attacks on our u.s. facilities in benghazi, libya, last september. the details they gave considered damaging to some in the state department and the white house. but starting with the coverage of these hearings, jim, the accusations in the media seem to parrot the usual line that these were -- well, the a.p. labeled them gop hearings to push an agenda designed to smear the president and maybe hillary clinton. >> right. and the "washington post" referred to people worried about the story as chick-fil-a eaters which i guess is the new code for white middle class. however, as peggy noonan said in her column, in spite of the best druthers of the mainstream media, this story has punched through. they've punched through in the person of gregory hicks, a name and face that 4 0 years ago this
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summer was the watergate hearings where john dean became a household name. and i think we're seeing another case here where even the "washington post" which has not been a fan of the story puts the widow of one of the heroes of benghazi on the front page with gregory hicks in the foreground. a picture's worth a thousand word despite the media blackout. >> and the headline, facts on benghazi withheld, a day after the hearings. people are starting to stoffer the story. >> yes -- discover the story. >> yes, despite tremendous resistance on the part of the mainstream media. they had to go out of their way to make sure they couldn't find any news. even some still said they couldn't find any news in the hearing which is why i want to salute brian preston who found seven kind of astonishing new bits of information that really call into question the administration's credibility. now we have competing sets of allegations about not only what
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happened before benghazi but much more important in terms of a "cover-up." what may have happened afterwards. and that's now where the media should be focused. i don't know if they will be, but perhaps they've been shamed into covering a legitimate news story. >> speaking of media attention, the media research center which admittedly is a conservative watchdog group took a poll, put a stopwatch to the coverage that this story got on the major cable networks. more than gave its -- msnbc gave the hearings zero coverage. cnn gave them 17 minutes of live coverage. fox news, an hour and eight minutes. surprising to you at all, kirsten? >> no, part of the problem is showing the hearing would have actually discredited them because i think if anybody had a chance to see firsthand, they probably would start to realize, wow, this sort of sounds like what people have been saying, the accusations that people are making against the administration were being borne out. so i'm not remotely surprised by
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that. >> so people who actually watched the hearings felt the gravity of the situation. i mean, saw the news value in -- >> yeah, and a lot of them have to do with television. it's the visual image of seeing three whistle blowers being sworn in and testifying in front of congress. what we do know about modern presidential scandals is it's rarely the original crime or the original event that gets folks in trouble. it's almost always the cover-up, and the cover-up has almost always been a juicy target for journalists. but not so much this time. and until this week's hearings, we've seen a media so willing to mock this story or to disnice as a fox news story or a partisan witch hunt, or to ignore it altogether. the public editor of the "new york times," margaret sullivan, accused her own paper of downplaying the story which she even hed said had tremendous and significant news value. >> i think another interesting
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aspect is the claim that northbound should cover it because it's being politicized which would then mean nothing in washington could ever be covered, right? i mean, the war on women, was that not politicized? that was a dnc talking point. the fact that fox news covers some news you shouldn't cover -- really? because i've never noticed that when more than was hysterical over sandra flucke, there is something really wrong with the media. they need to do some accounting. >> you spent a long career at the state department. when you look at the coverage of these hearings, what strikes you as most important? >> well, i think the media's becoming the story, let's face it. cbs news president david rhodes and abc news president ben sherwood, both have siblings that not only work at the white house, that not only work for president obama, but they work at the nfc on foreign policy issues directly related to
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benghazi. let's call a spade a spade. let's also show you why cnn did not go very far in covering these hearings because the cnn deputy bureau chief, virginia moseley, is married to hillary clinton's deputy, tom nize. it is time for the media to start asking questions why are they not covering this. it's a family matter for some of them. >> they don't want to bring embarrassment upon folks who -- who they're close to. >> who directly are related to this story. absolutely. they're covering for them. there's no question about it. >> it's actually worse than that if it's possible. that is, cheryl at kerr son of cbs has been a hero of the story. she's had her own string of scoops the last eight month. and she had a nice write up in the "post" which i'll give them credit for, the mead brazil responded with cbs management is suspicious. they think she's become an advocate. it's a strange world where your own network reporter is getting scoops and getting ratings. and your managers who are more
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conscious of keeping up with the obama white house are telling her to cool it. >> yeah. and you have mounting evidence which we saw this week, too, of a white house and a state department at the highest levels engaging in lies and stonewalling intimidation and bullying. if you reverse this and say if this were a president john mccain or president mitt romney, this media would be all over the story every single day. >> president bill clinton -- i'm sorry, i worked in the clinton administration. i have never seen anything like this. bill clinton would not have gotten away with this. >> steven hayes at the "weekly standard" broke stories about the contents of the emails that went out that night. jonathan carl at abc went a little further on friday showing that victoria newlyn, state department spokeswoman, was leading the effort in a way to doctor or to -- to change the talking points that went out. at one point sending an e-mail that said "these changes don't resolve all of my issues or those of my building's leadership. that would point directly toward
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hillary clinton i guess. >> yes. i think that -- and the fact that it does actually led the "washington post" to write an article that said you see this is political. this is political because the republicans are already trying to knock down the person who's going to be the leading contender as the nominee for 2016 -- this is insane. it's getting to be just insane. >> tyrone watts, one of the former navy s.e.a.l.s killed in benghazi, she went on the other night and said the president of the united states, secretary of state, and the u.n. ambassador, susan rice, looked her directly in the eye and talked about the video as the cause of this. this was days later when they knew it was a terrorist attack. >> all right. more on "news watch" ahead including some news you probably didn't hear about. >> reporter: a new report gives good news about declining gun violence. but was the report bad news for the anti-gun media? answers next. [ jackie ] its just so frustrating...
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a new report from the department of justice shows this from 1993 to 2011 firearm-related homicides have bon a steady decline in this country, down 39%. that's good news. but that news may not be reaching most americans. at least according to the pew research center. a new poll compared with 20 years asks have gun crimes gone up, down, or stayed the same, 56% think they've gone up. 12% say they've gone down. 26% say they have stayed the same. rick, to you first. is -- should the media be doing a better job of illuminating people here? >> yeah. i mean, of course we all know that, you know, gun violence, even one time is a tragedy. but it's clearly gone down in the media. they just don't want us to know. my favorite, more than, immediately jumped on the story
12:44 pm
to say, well, that doesn't necessarily mean the problem is solved. the deaths are increasing. they can't admit the that this is advocacy journalism at its best. >> or is it a case like the benghazi scandal of the media trying to enjoy the facts? it could be the case that the media has a gun control agenda that leaves them to trumpet school shootings and so on that pushed my country in a certain direction. i'll consider that possibility. >> these are fact that have to be put in context. and rachel maddow of more than, yes, i know she's not a "news person," she's a commentator. she did point out that there's still 11,000 deaths a year because of gun violence and that two gun violence -- too, gun violence in america is worse than any other industrialized country in the western world. three, this is the sad part, part of the reason people are living is that doctors are getting better at patching up those who are the victims of gun violence. >> it is more than that.
12:45 pm
the doj report said that nonfatal firearm crimes declined 69% during that same period, '93 to 2011. >> that is also true. >> and that didn't get much coverage. >> no. but i mean, i'm in the camp of -- one gun death is too many gun deaths. you know, that's to the president who has come out to say -- why they're not covering today but it doesn't in my mind change anything. i don't think it was just the liberal media that was covering the newtown shooting, fox news spent a lot of time covering it. i think it was a national tragedy and something we're all concerned about. on this one, i have to say that i think they should cover it. it doesn't disprove that we need gun control. >> right. i think with the proliferation of so many media sources and the competition to cover stories like this that are very tragic, you get an impression that there is a massive gun crime wave happening, and the statistics don't bear that out.
12:46 pm
i do think mass shootings weigh more heavily on the national psyche, especially when you see children as victims or in a theater shooting context because you can picture yourself there. has more reverberations i think among the media. that doe't mean that we're in the middle of a crime wave which is what the gun control advocates in the media want you to believe. >> let's keep in mind outright advocacy here. for example, whenever there's a tornado, the media there to jump on it and say, that's global warming. that's global warming. the atlantic on july 8, 2011, an era of tornadoes, how global warming causes wild winds. now just -- the report linked to a story also from "usa today" saying tornadoes hit 60-year low. again, one goes from enormous wave of trend -- hurricanes to tornadoes to nothing. >> and then there's rick grennell and piers morgan, host on cnn, when got an award from the brady campaign to reduce gun violence. is there a bit of a conflict of
12:47 pm
interest there or a -- >> well, he's being an advocate and they're happy that he's there. and every night pounding on his desk for this policy decision. you know, it's one thing to report the news when we have a tragedy like in newtown. it's quite another then to shift the news debate into a policy debate that shouldn't be there. the evidence shows that gun violence is -- homicides are going down. so why are we then having a policy debate that we must fix this tragedy that's developing when we're doing a good job we just need enforce the laws that we have because it's working. >> coming up next on "news watch," the new jersey governor's big secret. the secret's out, new jersey's governor slimming down. is this real news or another chance for the press to make his weight a weighty issue? [ man ] on december 17, 1903,
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for this kind of attention to be drawn to the fact that i'm pursuing a weight loss measure is, i think, shows just how really shallow a lot of this coverage has become and why people ignore it. [ applause ] >> taking his usual tone with the press, governor christie reacting to his efforts to get smaller. he had a lap band installed to help shrink the stomach or control the stretching of it. why? >> i think a lot of media, they're fascinated by chris christie. he's a bombastic, charismatic personality. i think a lot of people are starting to look into the tea leaves for 2016.
12:52 pm
and if he is going to run, if he's serious about a run for the presidency, he's got to lose some weight. a lot of people taking in as a political indicator that he is running. >> i don't know if this story made it to the west coast, but everybody here seems to think this is about him running for president. >> yeah. a ridiculous story. i hate commenting on. it the media are so shallow here. i totally agree with governor christie. this is the buzz feed politicking of our system and society. this is ridiculous. who cares if he's overweight? >> he said he did it for his children and wife. he wants to be there for them. frankly, his weight was unhealthy and he knew. >> yeah. and he turned 50. at that always a good time to reflect. come on, if a guy like this takes a decision like that, i'm sure he's doing it for his wife and children, but it may have political implications. and if you don't believe that, i've got a bridge i want to sell you or a tunnel i'm not going to build for you. >> are you saying you think the coverage was okay? >> i think the coverage is
12:53 pm
appropriate, idea. >> kirsten? >> no, i think it's stupid and shallow. >> i not he's having a doughnut and eating it, too. that is he's getting the full oprah treatment on the weight loss issue, and then meanwhile he's into his usual -- in the media. both ways. >> exactly. >> let's talk about another story making headlines this week. in a special election for a congressional seat, former south carolina governor mark sanford made a political comeback beating democratic rival elizabeth colbert bush. sanford, no stranger to media scrutiny, of a hot top nick 2009 because of his uniquely strange extramarital affair. so the media did an awful lot to pile on sanford. and his opponent, colbert bush, was something of a media darling r. they going to be disappointed now that he's won? >> i think they're extremely disappointed because he went in a giant stampede to try and support the democratic candidate here despite the fact that she
12:54 pm
was ignorant on so many issues. she couldn't answer basic questions. she was a bad retail candidate. on the day of the election, sanford this ten events, she had zero. she voted and went home. yet they were cheerleading because i think the bigger picture, they would have loved to have had a democratic win here so they could hand the democrats momentum for next year, 2014. >> we had stephen colbert up on the screen because he is the sister of libds -- the brother of elizabeth colbert bush. rick, you know the governor fairly well. >> i do. i was his first spokesman when he was congressman -- >> is he back? is he back? >> yeah, i got -- i got to tell you, this is a first step for mark to win back the trust of the voters. he messed up, and he's a good guy. and i think he will work very hard to try to win back the trust. whether or not he can do, it up to the voters. >> hats off to eric erickson and other on the right who said if he runs against nope he'll win. they -- against nancy pelosi
12:55 pm
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>>. >> jon: 76 years ago a tragedy gave way to revolution in news coverage. >> the flap was up a little bit. holding just enough to keep it. it burst into flames. it's terrible. oh, my, get out of way please.
12:59 pm
it's bursting into flames and all the folks, this is terrible. this is one of the worst catastrophes in the world. oh, 400, 500 feet in the sky. its terror ifk, ladies and gentlemen. it's coming right to the ground. all the humanity. >> jon: herbert morrison historic their immigration of the hindenburg disaster. it was played back the next day. it was first time recordings of a news event were ever broadcast and first coast to coast broadcast. his accurate description made the recording a classic of audio history. we can all learn something. sha wrap on news watch for this week. thanks to judy milleim pinkerton, monica crowley,
1:00 pm
kirsten powers and rick degree nel. keep right here. we'll see you for another ed >>. >> heather: hello. i'm heather childers. welcome to another hour. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett and happy mother's day out there. the chairman of the house intelligence committee calling for an investigation. irs targeted conservative groups leading up to the 2012 election. >> heather: plus the first case of freedom. dramatic new video showing the very moment when police stormed the home and rescued those three women in

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